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Industrial Laser Cleaning Machines

Are you looking for high-quality industrial laser cleaning machines from one of the world’s top manufacturers? Nuwave is here to help. 

At Nuwave, we provide two classes of laser cleaning machines, including:

Regardless of which type of machine you purchase, you can rest assured that it is precision-built and designed to last. 

Benefits of Industrial Laser Cleaning Machines

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Nuwave has made it easier than ever to purchase industrial laser cleaning machines. Check out our line of equipment, and visit Geneva Capital if you are interested in financing. We look forward to revolutionizing your cleaning experience. 

Revolutionizing Metal Cleaning: Nuwave's Cutting-Edge Industrial Laser Cleaning Machines

Nuwave offers high-quality industrial laser cleaning machines from top manufacturers. Our product range includes Pulse Laser Cleaning Machines for oil, weld seams, and gear rust removal as well as Continuous Wave Cleaning Machines for rust removal and steel stripping. Nuwave’s machines are precision-built and designed to last, offering a safe alternative to traditional chemical cleaning methods. They are environmentally-friendly, leveraging laser pulses to remove contaminants without harming the material. Nuwave Laser is a family-owned company committed to innovation and personalized service.


As a locally-owned business, Nuwave is known for delivering personalized service and unmatched support to our clients. Which is why we’ve partnered with Geneva Capital to offer industry-leading finance options for our customers.

Geneva’s mission is to provide flexible finance solutions to help you get the equipment you need to grow your business. We’re confident they’ll provide you with a level of service you don’t often see from other lenders.


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