Nuwave Laser Cleaning

What is Laser Cleaning?

The Process

Laser technology for cleaning/ablation distributes thousands of focused laser pulses per second onto contamination layers. The laser light absorbs the contaminants, changes the state to a gas, and captures it, making it the most ideal way of removing contaminants without damaging the substrate.

The laser is a safe, variable power unit which can be precisely manipulated in order to clean challenging surfaces without water, chemical, or abrasive materials which is what makes the laser cleaning process the most environmentally friendly process available. The laser leaves the existing irregular or flat substrates like welds or gasket surfaces in their original state.


contact us - NuWave laser-machineFor years, cleaning and restoration services have relied on hazardous materials and harsh chemicals that can have a negative impact on the environment. These traditional methods have also been time-consuming, with significant setup and clean-up required.

Fortunately, with advances in technology, especially laser technology, we can eliminate most of the challenges faced by traditional methods while having a positive impact on the environment. Laser technology uses the power of light for cleaning and restoration. 

The key benefits of laser technology include being environmentally friendly, as it no longer requires the use of water, hazardous materials or harsh chemicals. It also enables faster service delivery, as minimal setup is required, leading to maximum use of time and cost savings. Additionally, laser cleaning leaves little to no mess behind, supporting faster turnaround time and cost savings. Since the laser operates in a delicate manner, it doesn’t cause damage to the substrate and surfaces, making it a precise and targeted method of cleaning and restoration. Laser cleaning technology offers precise, targeted cleaning with minimal environmental impact.

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