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Laser Paint Removal

Nuwave Laser Paint Removal offers a reliable solution for removing paint from your surfaces.

Removing paint and coating is a complex and demanding task in various industries, often requiring significant time, labor, and expense. Laser paint removal offers a superior alternative to traditional methods like sandblasting and chemical stripping by providing faster, more surface-friendly results without the need for extensive cleanup.

Nuwave Laser Cleaning, a family-owned and locally operated business, is committed to providing eco-friendly solutions that prioritize both performance and sustainability. Our paint removal systems are designed to meet the needs of industrial clients who demand precision, reliability, and environmentally responsible practices.

Applications of Laser Paint Removal

Laser paint removal is versatile and can be used in a variety of applications across different industries:

  • Aerospace – Used for paint removal on aircraft components, ensuring that the underlying material remains undamaged and ready for repainting or inspection.
  • AutomotiveIt is ideal for removing paint from car bodies and parts, especially when dealing with delicate or complex shapes.
  • ManufacturingEmployed in producing machinery and equipment where precise paint removal is necessary for maintenance or refurbishment.
  • MarineEffective in removing paint from ships and boats, helping to prepare surfaces for repainting without extensive sanding or chemical treatments.
Laser Paint Removal Demonstration - NuWave Laser

Why Choose Laser Paint Removal?​

  • Eco-Friendliness – Laser removal of paint is an eco-friendly technique that strips paint from metal and wood surfaces and is also referred to as laser coating removal or de-coating. It eliminates secondary waste and reduces environmental impact, and avoids harsh chemicals and the need for waste cleanup.
  • Precision – Removal of paint with laser prevents substrate damage. Adjustable laser depth accommodates various coatings on metals like steel, aluminum, and copper, including powder, e-coating, phosphate, and insulating coatings, using highly precise machine controls.
  • Efficiency – A powerful laser machine from Nuwave Laser Cleaning can speed up your removal process while also minimizing cleanup time. You’ll save significant time while also ensuring a thorough removal process allowing you to move on to the next project quickly.

Benefits of Laser Cleaning

Environmentally Safe

Cost Effective

Non-contact Cleaning

No Chemicals

No Water

No Dust

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