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Pulse Laser Cleaning Machines

This series of products is mainly used for cleaning rust, paint, coating, oil stains, oxide films and other pollutants on various metal surfaces. It can also be used for cleaning the surfaces of non-metallic substrates such as ceramics, glass, and composite materials. Typical application scenarios include cleaning of natural oxide film OFF aluminum alloy before welding, cleaning of black ash oxide after battery tray welding, cleaning of train bogie welds before flaw detection, cleaning of automobile sheet metal parts before renovation and cleaning of parts that cannot be reached by wire brushes, etc.


Machine Advantages: Pulse Laser Cleaning Machines

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Device Parameters: Pulse Laser Cleaning Machines

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Elevating Surface Restoration: Nuwave's Pulse Laser Cleaning Machines

Pulse laser cleaning machines are versatile tools for removing rust, paint, oil stains, oxide films, and other pollutants from metal surfaces, as well as non-metallic substrates like ceramics and glass. These machines are ideal for applications such as cleaning welds, removing black ash oxide, and renovating automobile parts. They offer advantages like ultra-light cleaning heads, flexible operation, and full coverage of 100-1000W power. The machines come in various models with adjustable laser power, pulse frequency, and scanning images. 


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